VGJunk Patreon is Go



So, I set up a Patreon for VGJunk. If you’re not interested, that’s cool, you can just ignore this. If you are interested, you can check it out here. All funds go towards improving VGJunk (the big site and the Tumblr), you can cancel your pledge at any time and there are little rewards and stuff. Fun.

Just gonna give this a quick morning reblog, back to the usual stuff this evening.

Few sites have helped Paletteswap as a group site and solo site as much as VGJUNK has - I plan to contribute and if you can please do!


THEN - IN THE YEAR 20XX – Rusty Shackles created a site where he and other artists would repackage videogames in their own unique interpretations.  LEGENDARY players such as Ramon Villalobos, Matt Bramble (Teamsmithy), Bill Main, Tom Kelly, Joe Hunter, Moe Murdock, Michael Mayne, Brendan Tobin, and countless others waged a war on the senses providing mindbending art to electrify the masses.   
And for 3 years it provided this service…until most of the players forged their own paths and found success in their respective fields.  The site was put into indefinite hiatus.
NOW – THE NEW MILLENIUM BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE BEGINS – The site is BACK operating this time as a SOLO act!  Site boss and creator Rusty Shackles will forge on with a new PSWAP at least every 6 weeks if not sooner to compliment the schedule of Insert Quarter-Bin!  Things will be a bit different this go round.  There will be a predominant focus on games featuring comic book characters, roughly at a 2 to 3 ratio.   But other than that, it will be business as usual, so follow the blog here and on tumblr, and as always …